New Meta Lab

New Meta Lab Roadmap

We care about New Meta Lab future and willing to secure rewards to our MetaVerse community. New Meta Lab roadmap maps out our goals and strategies of the crypto and NFT projects in order to communicate its long-term values and rewards to the community. We prove that after you engage in the community, later you will receive unlocked treasures, rewards, artworks, games, limited-edition community events and other valuable assets.

Our goal is to build meta community of engaged members in our NFT collections and productions of valuable Meta products. The New Meta Family NFT collections will bring digital images and unlocked content to their owners. Several Family collections will be available to collect and those will bring extra unique experience to the community members. For example, single NFT will be merged into complex NFT compositions and be given to the owners.

– Launch of first New Meta Family NFT collection. Owners of NFTs will receive unlocked content.

– Open call for artists to work on the next Family member design, so the artists could make their own NFT designs to be added to the New Meta Family!
– New Meta Lab brand and merch, a giveaway to community members

– Second New Meta Family NFT collection designed and minted.
– Launch of Art Fund, inviting emerging artists to participate in NFT production, remuneration guarantied.

– Giveaway high-value tokens and 100K cash for most active community members

– VIP events
– Charity to the art world community also to people in need, like ICAF and others.

– Online New Meta Lab exhibitions with NFT art from our Family community

– Exhibitions of New Meta members’ NFTs in external art galleries, NFT art conferences, and art fairs with free entrance and live stream for community members

– All NFT Family members are in place! All minted, shared and distributed

– New NFT collection is created with all the Family members included, compositions in various situations, large NFTs for the community members only

– New Meta Lab NFT games for an amazing community gaming experience

– New Meta Family Metaverse launch